Advantages for law firms

OORCCA is the ideal partner for law firms. Especially in complex situations or in businesses with a large workforce, OORCCA offers intuitive solutions for your processes. You will be able to coordinate your activities and ensure a smooth operation in all fields of your firm. With OORCCA you can concentrate on the real issues at hand and will always have a partner, who will facilitate your daily operation.

Our services for law firms, auditors and attorneys

OORCCA composes reports for certain engagements (requiring official seal) and is able to send them to the client. These reports fulfill all occupational regulations. Apart from billing on an hourly or on a royalties’ basis, OORCAA also offers financial reporting based on the payment regulations for tax advisors (StBVV) and attorneys (RVG). Therefore, OORCCA greatly simplifies your billing process.
OORCCA easily and intuitively allows you to compose project teams, while continuously keeping you updated via extensive time and budget planning as well as scheduling. You receive exactly the information you need and are able to filter according to relevance.

law firms

Additionally, OORCCA is easily integrable with your current software and can even extend it according to your scale. Thanks to OORCCA’s interface, it can easily exchange data with present software. There is no altercation of present core processes and you do not have to worry about a loss of data.
Utilize the extensive controlling abilities of OORCCA, easily create reports and quickly analyze all activities in your firm via graphical visualization. Creating reports via drag & drop is intuitive and allows you to base your decisions on information from OORCCA as well as managing integral parts of controlling in your practice.


See for yourself…

Progressive adaption to your business structure

As your business grows, OORCCA will grow with it. OORCCA is modifiable according to all changes in your business, making it a long term partner for you. OORCCA’s ambition is to depict your business as detailed as possible. It is able to give you an overview of your business structure, no matter how big or complex it is.

Adaptable to a complex organizational structure

OORCCA adapts to the structure of your business. OORCCA’s high level of customization allows you to illustrate your entire business structure. There is no need to modify your organizational structure because OORCCA is just as individual as your business. Even during later changes to your business structure OORCCA will grow with you and be at your side during the restructuring process.


OORCCA will always be integrable in the current system of a client and can work side by side with other software and data sets. Connect OORCCA with your current software and combine collected information. You can continue using current software while expanding it with OORCCA’s functionalities in order to gain much more insight from the information of your business.

Continuous advancement

OORCCA is continuously refined and can be adapted to changes in your organizational structure at a later point in time. Additionally, OORCCA is continuously improved and expanded with new features, always keeping you up to date.

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